I'm Back!

Hello again, I'm sorry I stopped blogging during the summer but my computer was broken. How were all your summers? Answer in the comments below. I think I should start up again but don't know what to do. Sorry to cut this one short but from now on I will post daily and make sure to have good content. Finally, I am joining Amazon associates so I can from there get you guys deals.

day 7

I have to do this at the beginning of the blog so here it is I am an associate of Amazon LLC and any product you buy here I get a small commission. Now for the blog. So I have off of school because it's the day after memorial day I have a flag ceremony for boy scouts and am going to do a headphone/earbuds list for music Monday. I actually have tested and own all of these I am not just doing this for Amazon revenue.
Best headphone Beats solo 3 This headphone can be found for about 160-200 dollars on Amazon (retail 250) and sounds awesome. The bass is really heavy which really contributes to the overall sound. It's wireless and has a 40-hour charge with a fast charge time of 5 minutes-3 hours of playback. All in all an amazing headphone.
Best price JVC Flats at 15 dollars, I didn't expect anything from these. However, they are an ok pair of headphones and a great pair of headphones thinking about the fact that they cause 15 dollars.
Most ridiculous  Audeze LCD-3  At 1,945 dolla…

the past 2 days

So yesterday I decided to go bike with my friends Sehan and Oran. We biked around and I bought my little sister a hallmark card which was $3 kinda crazy for a card right? Well, she liked it so oh well. I bought a diary for her too and this is the first thing she wrote in there "Calvin is a poopy head" so that's great. All for now fam I'll give updates later.

day 5

Hey everyone had to take some time off for my sister's birthday. first youtube video taken. I got footage of myself trashing an ice cream shop and blaming someone else and running. I'm going to Saint John Vianney to play some pick-up basketball and win some money. In school, I had a chorus concert yesterday which was super boring. I missed reading the past 2 days so now I have to catch up like crazy. So far I've had a pretty good day. I think someone from Germany is looking at this page a lot because I have four views from Germany. I'll do what happened over the past 2 days for you in my next update.

Day 4

Hey guys, I'm buying my youtube stuff today and tomorrow. I haven't had a good day at school so far. We have a sub in social studies so I'm writing this right now. She threatened me and shit. I'm trying to get some more Ejuice. As the local plug, I get the bag. Party tonight pretty excited for that.

Music of the day

SAD!Sauce it upEnd of discussionAries (YuGo)PowerGlide

Day 3 (for real this time)

Hey everyone, today I am buying my GoPro. I will be starting a youtube channel (link soon). I'm trying to get a vape pen. If anyone knows how to comment down below and I will try your method. In class today I sold a diamond lizard to pay for my GoPro and have health, math, reading, social studies, chorus and computer class.


Hey guys, I'm really sorry I haven't been posting. My life has had some problems and I'm starting a youtube channel. More on that in the update. I just wanted to say that I hope that I can regain your views as I know I haven't done too well with this so far.